Professionelle Schleifmaschine für Deine Garderobe

Parduc grinding machine A35

Precision & speed

The PARDUC A35 stands for absolute precision

With the high working speed, a large number of ice skates can be sharpened efficiently. The time savings and the low wear on the runners are just some of the features of the Parduc A35. At the push of a button, the grinding machine starts the skate grinding process. The defined radius of the diamond grinding wheel guarantees the exact same grinding pattern with every grind.


A35 Grinding fully automatically

Faster than everyone else

with precision & speed

Schleifen auf professionellem Level - in Deiner Garderobe

Parduc grinding machine M25

Flexibility & precision

The PARDUC M25 for the supreme discipline

The manual M25 Parduc skate sharpening machine with cutting-edge technology from Finland. Anyone who has mastered manual sanding is in the premier class of sanding technology. The silicon carbide disc, dressed with a 0.5 carat natural or synthetic diamond, achieves absolute top results when sharpening the skates.


Supreme discipline with the M25


Fine sharpening in a class of their own

Diamond & grinding wheel

The perfect base

Customer testimonials

Benno Gredig

Ice Master

Fast and precise: The A35 makes every cut perfect! Even 30 pairs in one day can be done in no time, which previously took the whole day.


Easy handling

After MVP's instructions, it is very easy for me to operate the A35 perfectly.


My team is thrilled!

I sharpen for my entire team, the A35 is super fast, easy to use and the sanding disc lasts for over 100 sharpenings!


Your profile decides!

The Parduc® A35 is a fully automatic skate sharpening machine. The diamond wheel sharpens your skate with absolute precision. Flexibly, the A35 lets you sharpen hockey, goalie or ice skating skates. Time saving with each sharpening is another feature of the Parduc A35, no complicated adjustment and control round out the easy operation.

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